You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp!

Hi. My name is Janet Pamela Noble. I’m 52 years young, have 1 pink husband, 2 ginger cats, 3 beige children and have spent over 20 years promoting a love of books and reading as a children’s librarian.

Yup, after 22 years of being a children’s librarian and reading other people’s books – I’ve gone and written one of my own!

You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp!, a first chapter book for children ages 7 – 9 years old, with fab illustrations by Jacob Turner, is now available for £5. To order a copy, please email me at

I wrote You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp! because I seemed to be surrounded by books all about naughty boys! Where do you find funny stories about misbehaving girls? It seems that in the 21st-century girls are still not expected to behave truly badly.   I also wanted to create a story that reflected my Black British heritage, and my lovely multi-coloured family. And so Coco was born – a feisty, contrary girl who takes centre stage in a wacky tale of everyday life in a mixed race family.

Would you like me to deliver a fun-filled assembly and creative writing workshop to your Y3 and Y4 children?  During my visit, I will talk to the children about why I love reading and writing, and what are the inspirations for my ideas. By reading excerpts from You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp!, I will encourage the children to draw on their family backgrounds and experiences to write and create stories.  My entertaining visit will stimulate the children’s creativity and confidence and boost their love of books and reading.

To discuss booking me for a visit to your school, please email me at



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